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Junior Tech Club
9 Years to 17 Years
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Exclusive Tech Club for Kids 9 to 17 years
An opportunity for kids to learn coding, animation and game development

EverythingTech Junior Tech Club offers various resources, courses, and hands-on projects to prepare kids for the future. Our goal is to provide quality educational programs by creating a safe, healthy, and caring environment that promotes the social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Technology is rapidly capturing our world and it is important for our children to prepare for the same. We teach kids web development, app development, 2D & 3D animation, and game development. The courses are delivered as per the age as we divide the class in groups like 9 to 11 years, 12 to 14 years and 15 to 17 years so your child gets the attention he/she deserves.

Junior Tech Club provides an online platform for kids to explore projects, download resources, talk to mentors, watch informational and educational videos, etc. for one small yearly fees. Junior Tech Club membership also gives access to various member only events taking place around the world. So, what are you waiting for? Give your child wings to fly with our global Junior Tech Club membership. Join Now by Clicking on the below button.
Tech Club
18 Years +
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Exclusive Tech Club for Techies
A comprehensive portal to learn, explore, and contribute to the world of technology

EverythingTech Tech Club offers everything that a tech enthusiastic needs to get on with his/her career. Membership entitles individual to participate in live projects, apply for national - international internships, access exclusive video lessons, join educational programs, etc.

If you are dreaming about starting your own Tech Startup, Tech Club offers various resources to get you started and get going. You will not only get help from your fellow members but the platform offers various templates like business plan, investor pitch, forecasting, etc. You are also entitle to limited number of free advice from startup lawyers, Accountants, etc.

As a Tech Club member, you also get various benefits from our partners and eligible to attend member only events around the world. In addition to his, you get various discounts and exclusive offers to our bootcamp, conferences, workshops, etc. You are also rewarded with points for your contribution to the community.

Tech Clubs Highlights
Practice Resources
Hands-on Exercises

As a member, you will have access to various hands-on exercises in your chosen area. You can master the desired skills with real challenges.

Tech Challenges

Challenges keep us sharp and help in accelerating our growth. In our club, you will find a lot of challenges to crack. It also motivates with rewards and badges.

Expert Help
One-on-One Help

Every member gets access to our qualified and experienced mentors. Whether its related to career building or making it through the assigned project, our mentors can guide you at every stage.

Guest Experts Sessions

Periodically we will bring experts who have published books or who are well versed in the given technology. These experts can give you wider perspective of the field.

Interview Preparation
Mock Interviews with Experts

As a member, you get access to our mock interviews which can prepare you for your next tech job. Our expert team will take you through the real world interview scenarios. Depending on your company industry we tailor fit these mock interviews.

Real World Experience
Live Project Participation Opportunity

If you strive to become master and get a real world hands-on experience, we open various live project opportunities from startups and corporations around the world. Showcase your talent to them and you may end up in a full-time job. Isn't that exciting?

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