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Code Out of Poverty

Aim to Erase Unemployment, Reduce Crime, and Uplift the Neglected
Social Campaign to Help Women in Need and Underprivileged Kids Gain Technical Skills to Become Employable
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Code Out of Poverty Objectives
  • To teach technical skills like web designing, photo editing, video editing to the underprivileged kids, youth and women in need
  • To teach programming languages like Java, Python, C++, PHP, Ruby, etc. to the underprivileged kids, youth, and women in need
  • To develop an overall personality to become more suitable for a corporate environment
  • To teach English speaking to improve communication skills
  • Invite most skilled software engineers to help the underprivileged 
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How this Initiative will Impact the Society? 
  • The underprivileged will get the chance to receive quality technical education
  • This will create more employable youth for the IT sector
  • The underprivileged will get the chance to attain upward mobility
  • This might reduce the crime rate in the cities
  • The IT companies will get more deserving candidates
  • The underprivileged kids will get career counseling for their future
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