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Lambda & Functional Programming

Clear Your Lambda & Functional  in java  Concepts
In Java SE 8, Lambda expression was included. It is a new feature that provides a concise and clear way to represent a single method interface using an expression. It can be used with collections as it immensely helps in iteration, filtering and extracting data from a collection.
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Java 9 High Performance

Practical Techniques and Best Practices for Optimizing Java Applications Through Concurrency, Reactive Programming, and More

Suitable Job Options for Java Expert
Following are some of the job options you will have once you master Java.

Java Developer

SALARY RANGE: $46k-$140k A Java developer is responsible to create front end and back end applications.

Full Stack Java Developer

SALARY RANGE: $75k-$105k A Full Stack developer has the responsibility to take care of front and back end development, usually with a sound knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript .

Java Architect

SALARY RANGE: $86k-$149k Java architect is responsible for verifying stability, interoperability, portability, security and scalability of java system, recommend changes on project design concepts to improve efficiency. and recommend to improve efficiency.

Java DevOps

SALARY RANGE: $63K- $92,339K Java DevOps Developer is responsible for create services and applications very quickly and improve the apps and evolve them at a much faster rate than those developers.

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