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Tech Challenges

Show Off Your Technical Skills and Earn While Doing It
Winners Reward

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Prize Money
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Challenge Cracker Badge
Note: All the winners will get awarded with the Prize Money and the Challenge Cracker Badge which they can show off on their resume, LinkedIn, and other places. 
Challenge Areas
Coding Challenge

Do you think you can write Code? Why don't you enter the ring and show the world.

Advanced Algorithms

Do you understand O notation? If so, help the world to find the fastest algorithms. Let's see how fast you can run.

Software Architecture

Do you have skills to solve complex design problems? If yes, why don't you help out?

Advanced Software Tools

Participate in developing the next generation tools which can solve complex problems.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things Design

Help the world to solve various social problems with the help of IoT.

Framework Designs

Find the best possible frameworks which can transform the tech world.

How Does It Work?

Participate in a Tech Challenge and Show the world your strength. All the winners will get awarded with prize money and a badge which they can show off on their resume, LinkedIn, and other places.

Rules to Participate in the Tech Challenge
  • You are a EverythingTech member. If you don't have a membership, register yourself for FREE.
  • You may work on many challenges at one given time.
  • After completing the challenge, you need to submit it via login to your account.
  • You must adhere to the rules mentioned in the respective challenge.
  • You may get a video call from the respective sponsor in order to complete the evaluation, so you need to be prepared to explain your solution.
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Current Tech Challenges
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