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Rise of AI in the UK
London: The rise of Artificial Intelligence is a grand technological accomplishment in UK’s rapidly growing industry. AI becoming a part of our daily lives in the UK, as we try to catch up with China’s advanced AI systems.It is fascinating to see more than half of Brits think that Artificial Intelligence as something that will definitely have a large effect on our lives in the coming years. I think the results speak for themselves, as AI being used in five new technology centers in the UK to improve recovery and diagnose diseases at an earlier stage.
France Building Startup Ecosystem with Tech Visa
Paris: French president Macron’s reform agenda is gaining momentum. In the startup ecosystem, his French Tech Visa is drawing in foreign talent, while his goal of achieving male and female equality in France has increased the number of women-oriented initiatives.Despite consultancy EY’s recent European Attractiveness survey showing that foreign direct investment (FDI) dropped in France by 1% in 2018 after soaring to 31% growth in 2017, the number of French R&D and manufacturing FDI projects grew from 144 to 339 to give it more than other European countries.
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New Tech Could Potentially Kill Corona Virus from Planet Earth

It has been almost a month; there have been more than 7,700 cases of Corona Virus recorded worldwide. The Chinese government and The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a health emergency in the region…
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Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller

Sony and Microsoft are coming up with new gaming accessories, graphics, and much more cool updates and customizations. In May 2018, Microsoft announced the launch of their new gaming console ‘Xbox Adaptive Controller’ and was released on September 4, 2018 with a retail price of USD 99.99….
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Air Conditioner That Can Be Worn

Summers are hard to survive especially if you live near costal or equator parts of the globe. It becomes so irritating when we are so covered with sweaty face and clothes particularly, while travelling somewhere or just commuting from home to office and vice versa…..
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Apple Just Launched their iPhone 11

It has become an Apple tradition to announce a new iPhone on every September. On this year’s event Apple launched 3 new iPhones; iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. With their launch, Apple has refreshed pricing structure. The iPhone 11 starts at $699, while the Pro and Pro….
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Google Breaks its Tradition of Naming Android Versions on Sweets

Android operating system is open-source software that includes the Linux kernel. This operating system has been widely used by millions of smartphones around the world. Over the years, Android saw nine major releases. These releases….
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AI can Reduce the Death Rate from Heart Conditions

AI and predictive analysis can soon predict the threat related to deadly heart conditions. MIT based researchers have successfully developed a machine learning system called RiskCardio……
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Microsoft is Contributing to OpenJDK

Microsoft just signed the Oracle Contributor Agreement and they have received a warm welcome from the Java community. Microsoft is aiming to provide its efforts to the Java community. Their team will be working on smaller bug fixes and backports within OpenJDK.….
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