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Technology EXPERTS
Find the Technology Experts who are actively helping to take this field further with their involvement in writing books, authoring  research papers, creating patents, helping in opensource projects, etc.
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Level 1: Holder of this badge is a starter contributor with the following activities.
  • Eager to participate in the forums
  • Write at least 1 technical blog per month
  • Volunteer in Events

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Level 2: Holder of this badge is a serious contributor with the following activities.
  • Help community by answering in forums
  • Write at least 3 technical blogs per month 
  • Create at least 1 tutorial per month
  • Take active initiative in leading the technology events

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Level 3: Holder of this badge contributes significantly to the community with the following activities.
  • Lead a forum topic and replying as an expert member
  • Write at least 4 technical blogs per month
  • Create at least 2 tutorials per month
  • Lead technology events
  • Participate in opensource projects
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