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Hire World's Exceptional
Technical Resources
Resources that Deliver Exceptional Results
Minimum Hourly Pay $50 to Maximum $300
Looking for Freelancer / Remote / Contract / Part-time / Full-time Resources?
Benefits to Organizations
  1. 100% Money Back Guarantee for the failed milestones (ETO*)
  2. 100% Quality Work from the Exceptional Resources
  3. Trained Resourced on Industry Standard Project Management Practices
  4. Pledged for on-time on-budget project deliveries
  5. EverythingTech will pay penalty for any delay in delivery (ETO*) (see T&C)
  6. No long-term contracts. Use us as and when needed.
  7. Quick replacement of non-suitable resources keeping the project timeline intact.
  8. Dedicated Project Manager from EverythingTech (ETO*)
  9. Level Pricing for budget constraint projects. Chose less experienced resources with the same "EverythingTech Guarantee" to keep your cost under control.
ETO : Applicable to outsourced projects to the EverythingTech Team
Are you a Technical Resource? Would like to Join the Exceptional Pool and Boost Your Income?
Benefits to Talents
  1. Work Freelance, Remote, Contract, Part-time or Full-time.
  2. Handsome Pay beating the Industry rates
  3. Interesting Projects to Build up your Portfolio
  4. Work with Exceptional Talents around the World
  5. Dedicated Project Manager from EverythingTech
  6. Industry Standard Project Management Practices to Maintain Quality and Enhance the Delivery Model
  7. Work with latest technologies
  8. Talent modernization help from EverythingTech
  9. FREE certification training and support. Keeping your employed.
  10. Level Pricing so chance to earn more as you improve your credentials
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Hand Picked Top Talent

“Whoever carries this badge demonstrates the exceptional technical skills and considered to be one of the most talented and technically advanced individuals around the world.” – EverythingTech Top Talent Committee

To become a “EverythingTech Certified Tech Talent”, one has to go through an extensive test and convince our esteemed judges about their eligibility.

Following are some of the qualities they posses.

  • ★ Solid Technical Knowledge


  • ★ Exceptional Communication Skills


  • ★ Innovative Mindset


  • ★ Experience in Successful Project Deliveries


  • ★ Well Equipped with all the Technical Skills

What makes them Exceptional?

EverythingTech Certified

Cleared the tough to crack certification exam in the respected technical domain. 90% Passing Marks.


Cleared Extensive Interview

Cleared extensive interview by 3 subject experts. Gone through various subject specific areas.


Completed Training Courses

Completed all the required job related training courses successfully. Preparing on various aspects.


Extensive Project Experience

Completed and delivered various projects in the subject areas. Gone through the complete project life cycle.

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