When you Should Finally Upgrade your Computer?

Do you often get frustrated when it takes time to load a file? Or you just tired of crashes or facing the classic “blue screen of death” on your computer? Do you even hear some strange noises and beeping sounds from your CPU? Unexpected shutdowns, while you are working, could be even worse. These could be the signs that your computer is breathing on its last breath. Of course, it is very tempting to a new one without figuring out the real problem. However, it is always better to figure out the root of the problem before thinking of solutions.
It could be possible that your computer is going to die soon, but it also is possible that particular hardware and software are causing the issue in the first place. A repair will always cost you less than buying a new laptop or PC. An individual component can cause the computer to malfunction. By using the right knowledge, you might be able to repair or replace the particular part for a good deal.

Software Issues

Software issues can take place even on the latest computers. The laptop you have purchased yesterday can have crappy performance due to a software issue. In the event of a software issue, you will experience crashes, screen freezing, glitches, stuttering, etc. These are the obvious signs that something is going wrong in your system. The operating system you are using might cause either issues or the programs you have installed. If it happens only when you launch a particular program, then try to avoid that program or search bug fixes for that program. However, if you face the problem quite often, you a more severe problem. There are applications, which would try to find the cause and claims to fix them.
They are really not going to help in the long run. The problem might occur again if the problematic files or programs are still present on your hard drive. Try reformatting your hard disk and reinstalling your OS. Before this, you must have a proper backup of your user files. This should solve the majority of software issues. However, if you still face the same problem again after reinstalling the operating system, then this could be a hardware problem.

Hardware Issues

A computer consists of a variety of parts and each part could fail to function at any point in time. These issues can’t be fixed by a software fix, either the parts need to be repaired or replaced. PCs are much easier to repair in a budget, whereas repairing or replacing laptop parts might cost you a fortune.
Motherboard Issue: This is one of the most critical issues in a computer. Repairing a mother is hard and it will cost you enough money. If you are a laptop user then replacing a motherboard means you also have to replace the processor. This could be an expensive affair since you are replacing more parts than a PC.
Hard Drive and RAM Issues: Repairing these components is very hard. Therefore, you need to consider a replacement. If you are under warranty, then you are lucky it will not cost you anything. However, you will have to pay a good amount if your parts are not under warranty.
Other Hardware Issues: Other than the main fundamental hardware, your computer uses various components and hardware. It could be your screen, mouse, touchpad, USB ports, keyboards, etc. which might be causing faults. These individual failures don’t mean you have to replace your computer or laptop altogether. These components can be repaired or replaced at fairly low costs.

Weird Clicking Noises

When you hear some weird clicking noises from your computer, it is time to check your hard drive. Apart from cooling fans, it is only the moving part in your computer. A hard drive comprises of spinning disks and an actuator, which reads the data from the disks. After enough wear and tear, this actuator may cause weird noises. You need to be careful since it is a vital sign of failure in the near future. Backup your data into another healthy hard drive. You might need a hard drive replacement to address this issue.
The cooling fans in your system can also cause weird noises. Check for dust or dirt in the fans and clean them with a brush. A dirty fan could be running excessively in order to cool down the computer. Don’t overlook such weird noise because the hard drive or the cooling fans might be dead anytime in the near future.
You might even face an overheating issue if your computer is not clean enough. Any kind of dust in the CPU compartment might even cause a short circuit and potentially brick your CPU or motherboard.

Decreasing Performance

Is your computer’s performance is decreasing day by day? This could be a result of various issues; you do not have enough space on your hard drive, outdating software, or malware eating up your resources. Even worse, your computer is getting really old. Try to keep the operating system and other programs up to date and have a good antivirus program to clean up the mess. A stupid browser extension can destroy your performance. Try to have at least 10 percent free space on all of your local disks for optimum performance. However, if your computer is still struggling to improve its performance, then it is a vital sign for you to get a new computer. The current hardware setup might be old to withstand the latest software in the market.

When you should finally replace it?

At the end of the day, it is up to you whether you want to space money and go for repairing or replacements instead of buying a new one. You can also save the headache by buying a new one altogether. We recommend not paying more than half the price of a new computer for repairs. Anything older than 2009 is not worth getting a repair since the machine is too old to withstand modern operating systems and software. It would be better if you chose to buy a new one instead.