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Why social media marketing is essential for your business and how to start with it?

With more than 3.5 billion people using social media, it has now become a significant marketing platform. A lot of local and international markets are trying to find a place to dominate social media platforms for better sales and brand awareness. In the past a few years, everyone, including bloggers, local dealers, small businesses, and corporate giants, has made their presence on social media. But why is it essential for your business? Before we tell you it’s important, first know what social media marketing is.

What is Social Media Marketing, anyway?

Social Media Marketing is a way to connect with your audience, build brand awareness, generate leads, and traffic to your website. It involves publishing content (in a written form, infographics, or a video form), engaging with the audiences, analyzing the work, and running ads on social media.

Why is Social Media Marketing essential?

In a single sentence, it builds your brand awareness and makes your business grow (only if you do it in the right way). Social media marketing is a beautiful way to tell your audience about your brand and products. It helps in understanding their behavior and re-targeting them to sell the products. Understand one simple concept; the costumers believe the brand more than the product. Hence, it is essential to educate them about your brand, and social media is the easiest and cheapest way to do that.

How to start Social Media Marketing?

As a beginner, the first thing you should do is – deciding the platform you are going to target. If you’re into B2B marketing, possibly, LinkedIn is the best platform to start. And if you’re into B2C marketing, targeting Facebook and Instagram audiences would be a better option.

To kick off your social media marketing, make sure you optimize your social media platforms well. Make an eye-catching banner or cover page, a short yet comprehensive introduction to your brand and products. For the cover page, Facebook has video options too. A short video of your brand will make it more interesting, engaging, and informative. Put more images or infographics so that your audience finds it more insightful.

Make one thumb rule for social media marketing – be consistent. Make sure you post at least one piece of unique content every day. Try to engage with your audience via polls, quizzes, stories, and replying to them. Make more videos as video content is getting much traction.


Social media is gaining a reputation in the marketing world, and in the upcoming years, it is going to be skyrocket. Social media marketing can be your key focus area to target your audience for generating leads and build brand value. EverythingTech is a platform where you can find more interesting blogs related to Internet marketing, Java, Python, Data Security, and so on. Make sure you visit our official website for more updates.