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YouTube Marketing: How to get more views on your YouTube channel?

EverythingTech has again brought to you another excellent blog for your online business. We all know how important it is to market the product and brand online. Half of the world is now using the internet, and YouTube has emerged as one of the most used and loved platforms for internet users. It is the second most visited website with more than a billion users. So, if you are planning to start your YouTube channel or if you already have it but do not know how YouTube marketing works, here we are to help you.

How to start with YouTube marketing?

If you’re wondering that creating a YouTube channel and putting random videos will give you money, sorry to say, but your strategy is going to fall. Presently, there are more than 50 million content creators on YouTube, or you can call them your competitors. Not all definitely, but most of them. And that’s the part of YouTube marketing strategy, along with your audience, you will have to recognize your competitors too. Here is how you can start with YouTube marketing:

1. An eye-catching page layout

YouTube itself will instruct you the basics; we are here to guide you for a little more extra. Once you are done with setting up the channel, make sure you make an attractive layout. Make your profile clear about your business and industry. Until unless people get a clear idea about your products and services, it will be challenging to convince them to come over your channel. Ask your graphic designer team or friend to make a good YouTube banner with a tag line that represents your channel and industry.

2. Consistency

Most of the new channel owners get disappointed and demotivated after few weeks when they do not get many views. Getting thousands of views on your new channel is not easy, and it is not going to happen overnight. You’ll have to be consistent. Publish at least two videos in a week, or you can start with one video per week. You can increase the numbers later, but make sure you deliver the video to your audience regularly.

3. Understanding your audience and targeting them

Understanding the audience is crucial for any market; it doesn’t matter if you are on YouTube, Facebook, doing SEO, or offline marketing. Knowing your audience is a must, and the same applies to YouTube too. You can go to YouTube’s creator studio and see the analytics of your channel. You can track retention, age, location, gender, average time, and interests. You will get an idea about your audience, which will help you to make the next videos accordingly.

4. Understand your competitors

Understanding the competitors is as crucial as understanding the audience. You must know what your competitors are doing and delivering to viewers. How often they are releasing their video, the length of their video, content, etc. You can visit your competitors’ YouTube channel and pen down their video views. Check which video is getting more views and which is getting lesser views. Take a glimpse of their comment section and read if someone is asking for a particular topic. See if you can make a video on the topic pointed by their viewers. Check out their keywords in the title and description.

5. Use the right keywords and tags

You probably have heard the importance of keywords for SEO, but they are essential for YouTube too. Find keywords people are already searching for, and the easiest way to find keywords is – YouTube autocomplete. But what is it? When you search for a video on YouTube and type a word, YouTube shows you a few more suggested keywords. You can choose the relevant one and put it on your title, description, and tag. Use more recommend keywords as the tags. You can use some tools to find tags your competitors are using. Make sure you don’t overuse the tags. 10-15 tags are good to use. Make sure the tags are relevant to your title and video.

6. Make impressive thumbnails

Thumbnails play a vital role in attracting viewers. Always make custom thumbnails for your videos. According to YouTube, thumbnails are like billboards; they help viewers to decide whether they should watch the video or not. 90% of viewers preferred to watch the video with a custom thumbnail. Thumbnails are the first things a viewer finds out.

For compelling thumbnails, make ‘BOGY’ thumbnails. But what are ‘BOGY’ thumbnails? BOGY Thumbnails are thumbnails that use Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow colors. When you use these four colors, they prevent your thumbnail from blending with YouTube’s primary colors (red, black, and white).

7. Make playlists and organize your videos

Making playlists makes it easier for viewers to find the videos. It also looks well aligned and organized, which makes a positive impact on viewers. Choose the names of your playlists wisely and put videos accordingly.

8. Get more ‘suggested Videos’

Suggested videos tend to get more views than YouTube searches as YouTube promotes them next to the video someone is watching. But how exactly can you get suggested videos? Watch the analytics of top trending videos that appear at the top. Use the tags that trending videos are using. You can install extensions like Tubebuddy to see the cards. According to YouTube, they use your video tags, title, and description for suggested video ranking.

9. Add cards and end screens

Pick videos from your playlist you want to add at the end of the playing video. Adding cards and end screens can promote your other videos while someone is watching a video from your playlist.

10. Ask for subscription

People won’t listen to you if you don’t speak. Ask your viewers on your every video to subscribe to your channel. This works as a reminder to the viewers. You can sit ‘subscribe to my/our channel for more entertaining/insightful videos’ in the beginning, middle, or at the end of your video. You can repeat it twice in a single video, once you start and once to wind up.

11. Use your other social media to promote your channel

For social media marketing, you can read this article (paste the link). If you have the right audience on the other platforms, make sure you educate people there about your YouTube channel. You can send the video link personally (do not do it excessively), or you can ask your family and friends to share the video on their social media platforms too. Social media is a great place to promote your brand, channel, or anything.


All these points are discussed and studied by the experts personally. Following these tips can skyrocket your YouTube channel within a few weeks. Make sure you follow all the rules and be consistent with them. Breaking the consistency can lead you to lose your audience and brand values too. For more articles related to SEO, SMM, Java, Python, & Data Security, visit EverythingTech. And do share the ideas with your friends and help them to grow their business through internet marketing.

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